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Trendy Two Tone Backpack

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Trendy Two Tone Backpack

Item #: BPK01
$10.99 (Base Price)

Product Description

There are many features that need to be put into consideration when choosing a quality backpack. Not only does this school bag need to be able to carry items like books, notebooks, papers and possibly more advanced accessories like laptops and organizers, but a school backpack must also be stylish. The Two Tone School Backpack is designed to perfectly fit the need of academics young and old. The modern backpack requires more than just book and notebook storage. With new technology helping students learn, backpack designs of the past are becoming obsolete. These Two Tone School Backpacks are designed to provide optimal storage while remaining aesthetically pleasing for the fashion-minded adolescents and adults. This school bag has a very modern look to it which is complemented by modern features like a padded back area and heavy-duty handles. The modern student carries more than just books and the Two Tone School Backpack makes carrying technology safe and easy. This school backpack can easily carry a laptop or any electronic device that could be used to assist in scholastic activities. Many students bring MP3 players or gaming devices to school for breaks and the Two Tone School bag has plenty of features to support those items. The Two Tone School Backpack has a pocket specifically designed to carry audio devices like MP3 players or other small electronic devices. These backpacks are ideal for students, professionals or anyone who needs to carry items in style and with ease. These backpacks exceed the standards of traditional backpacks which just have two compartments and standard designs. The need for more advanced backpacks for the modern world has prompted innovative features and stylish designs. Backpacks are also versatile items and can be used for wide range of tasks whether you`re a student or just someone who needs a casual carry-on bag.

  • Padded back area and heavy-duty handles,
  • Can easily carry a laptop or any electronic device ,
  • specifically designed to carry audio devices like MP3 players or other small electronic devices
  • Air mesh and ripstop 17.5"Hx11"Wx6"G




Printing available for larger quantities.
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